How CGI can help enhance your marketing collateral

Computer-Generated Imagery, or CGI, could significantly enhance the visual appeal of your brand but is not often considered due to lack of awareness and application.  We are starting to apply this more and more with clients in order to push their brand further.

Sounds good! But when would CGI be used?

One of the most useful applications would be in situations where a product or structure does not currently exist.  For instance, in the building industry, you may have a project where the architect has created floor plans and it’s all ready to go, but nothing physical exists to realise it or show it off – and this is where CGI would come in.  Producing an extremely pin sharp high-resolution CGI of the property then able to be used for a multitude of marketing collateral to make a significant impact over conventional imagery methods.

In fact, companies such as Ikea now actually choose to use CGI over actual photography to ensure highly polished, professional imagery is produced every time – and also allowing for the flexibly of swapping out objects, textures, colours, etc. and reproducing the images with exactly the same lighting and environment – a very useful ability indeed!

To go one step further, the scenes could be animated to show off further. This is not only aesthetically more pleasing but will significantly increase target audience engagement.  You can see a great example of this below, where our partner Nejc assisted in the creation of assets for this Pepe Jeans advert:

Engagement from a video can increase click-through rates via e-shots and social channels by as much as 300%, however, the content must be relevant to your target audience, be easily digestible and add value to your overall marketing message.

All sounds fantastic… but I bet it costs the earth?

With such a wide spectrum of requirements, it is almost impossible to put a set figure on it.. The cost of creating a single image could be several thousand depending on the number of objects in the scene needed to be created, how high quality the textures need to be and the size of the finished rendered image.

For video, it would be more visually appealing to render several scenes and for each to be animated for around three to five seconds. This would mean that you could create a fantastic motion video that would last around 30 seconds or so. Still-imagery would naturally take less time to render, as video would take on average 25 times longer to render (25 frames per second of footage).  Long enough to showcase your product, venue or service, but not too long that it would become cost prohibitive or cause your target audience to be disinterested.

Sounds fab.  How can White Space help?

We are capable of creating a vast array of imagery – ranging from ultra-photo-realistic images through to a more illustrative or infographic style.  Sometimes a stylised image or more informative style is all that is needed, and we can also assist with that too.

So, what we are basically saying is whatever it is you can think up, we can create imagery or video for it!

Get in touch via [email protected] or call us on 01364 651864 and we’ll talk!

Below is a selection of CGI imagery that our team has created.