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Take the Local SEO Quiz.
How much do you know?

Created Thursday, June 11, 2015

With Google placing an increasing emphasis on Local SEO, it’s becoming more¬†important than ever to ensure that your Local SEO is up to scratch. A recent industry survey highlighted that 67% of online marketers are spending time on local search.

Embedded below is a Local SEO Quiz to see ‘How much you know about Local SEO?’. It contains 40 relatively obvious questions that are structured to see how much you know about the world of Google’s Local SEO! The quiz was written by local search expert Miriam Ellis and should take you no more than ten minutes to complete! (Honestly – we enjoyed it enough to share it on here and felt it was a useful familiarisation exercise.)

Although this is just a bit of fun, I’m sure you’re keen to see where you rank. Take a look at the list below, and see if you can beat our initial score of 85% – No cheating now!

  • 0-39% Newbie: Time to study up on your citation data!
  • 40-59% Beginner: Good job, but you’re not quite in the 7-pack yet.
  • 60-74% Intermediate: You’re getting close to the centroid!
  • 75-85% Pro: Let’s tackle multi-location!
  • 86-100% Guru: We all bow down to your local awesomeness

In all seriousness though, if you’d like to know more about optimising your business online, then please get in touch with us and it will be our pleasure to help you out.