Sharpham Wine and Cheese website features online booking & gift vouchers for vineyard tours

Sharpham Wine and Cheese are one of the leading vineyards and dairies in the UK and are multi-award winning for their English wines and hand-made cheeses. So White Space were delighted when we were chosen to create their new online presence.

As well as being an important portal for selling their English wines and cheeses online, the key purpose of the website was to drive more visitors (through the use of a new online booking system) for their wine and cheese tasting tours around Sharpham Vineyard, which is located on the banks of the River Dart near Totnes in Devon. This has been achieved beyond the hopes and wishes of Sharpham.

This year has proven to be a fantastic year for attracting visitors for Sharpham Wine and Cheese Tasting, with more tours selling out than ever before and Sharpham have even been inspired to hold some special one-off tasting events.

White Space started with a fresh new design, incorporating the newly revised brand (which we had been developing for the packaging of a new wine range), new photography and an increased emphasis on the stunning location of Sharpham Vineyard overlooking the River Dart.

We then developed a new onlie tour calendar which co-ordinates with a booking system, gift voucher system and their online shop. The result is looking like it is going to help to lead to a record year for Sharpham.

Key elements which have been included in the new Sharpham Wine & Cheese website include:

  • New online booking system and calendars for wine & cheese tasting and vineyard tours
  • Gift Voucher system for wines, cheeses and vineyard tours
  • Ecommerce shop for wines, cheeses, tours and vouchers
  • New Sharpham branding developed by the White Space team
  • Original photography from the White Space team
  • QR codes and Barcodes for vouchers and bookings

To visit the Sharpham Wine and Cheese Website please click here