Website design, development and build

Our approach is simple: we discover what your goals are, understand your brand and customise a bespoke website aimed directly at your target market. We can offer website design, development and build services to ensure you shone online. We build exceptional sites to give your users an enjoyable experience and making things easy for you to update.

Here at White Space we have you covered in our ability to capture the essence of your brand. Using the latest website technologies and designing layouts that include uniquely chosen fonts, graphics, typography and photography.

In a world where technology is ever-growing, a responsive website is no longer optional to a business or organisation. All of our websites are built and designed responsively to ensure optimal viewing no matter what device.

We produce a User Interface by balancing the application of design aesthetics which strive to make an easy, efficient and enjoyable system to produce the desired result. These skills can be applied to any framework technology and never actually date. The technology will continue to evolve along with the way in which we interact with phones and tablets, but the positive feelings, feedback and animations combined with the interactivity is something that will remain constant and require solid design fundamentals to execute efficiently. This is where we come in.

As we aim to do with our own branding and website, we want the websites we create to be a painless journey that complements each business’ objectives.

Our web designers are concerned with the entire process including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

To provide easy operation and an enjoyable experience for web users we create information architecture which allows seamless navigation, carefully selecting aesthetics which complement information architecture to any web application, mobile app and media software.

When designing any website, our objective is to provide a balance of information and functionality to be built for anyone and everyone.

Crucial to any project is the user, and why any good designer puts them at the heart of everything designed, analysing and carrying out thorough research on how they interact digitally.

Let’s make no bones about it – many companies are claiming to be able to set you up online for a very low cost, and you can even do it for yourself. With us, what you are paying for is the experience, awareness and decades of training and passion in wanting to fulfil the purpose of any website – be it to sell, create awareness or advertise. Just because you have some leather does not make you a bootmaker!

As skilled digital designers, we want to create engaging websites with functionality, branding and user experience at the forefront at all times. We know when to use pixels over vh, when SVG is better than png, and times that CSS3 is a better choice than jQuery. Making a site look elegant and engaging on mobile and tablet is a prerequisite, but if it doesn’t perform and add value to your business, what’s the point?

Still with us? If you are left wondering what the heck we’re going on about, we’d love chat more about it all.

We’ll leave you with a wise comment from Oscar Wilde:

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Effective website development is about more than just setting up a portfolio website or E-commerce shop. It’s about having the ability to customise the web application to fit your requirements and needs. We have worked on some very bespoke projects and certainly like to push boundaries with coding and utilise what’s on offer.

Web technology moves so quickly and with it comes new opportunities for user experience and brand data to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

We excel in building sites with WordPress and Shopify, simply because they work, are tried and tested and extremely versatile and well supported.

Core skills include HTML, CSS3, jQuery and PHP.

We can offer very bespoke builds with outsourced help if desired, with us heavily involved with the design and project management. Our team of designers understand the importance of a solid foundation for your online application and framework to be future proof, which we identify at the beginning of every project.

Let us take control and drive online sales with our ecommerce solutions. With its scope to reach much larger users, ecommerce is used increasingly as a part of overall marketing strategy. Whether you are a newly established online seller, or in the late stages of an established ecommerce business, we look to excel your business or organisation development.