Film, Video and Photography

Film, Video and Photography are extremely effective ways to engage with visual content. With the world so media-focused, we passionately believe that striking photography and video will transform your businesses, initiatives and products. You only have to look at how popular YouTube and online video is!

As a team, we bring years of experience to the table, and have been involved with big scale model shoots, F1 and luxury yacht videography and tours. Today, we openly share a passion for photography and video, 3D and special effects. Size is no issue.

From short films to promotional videos, and corporate headshots to product photography enhanced with CGI; we have specialist equipment and skills in all areas.

We’ve tried and tested it. Video and animated imagery like gifs is an exciting , direct and engaging method of communication. Watching and listening to well-produced motion content is far more efficient and entertaining than a text heavy alternative. Not to mention with the right audio and story, your story won’t be forgotten. People will remember information conveyed in a captivating audio/visual format for years to come.

Complex messages and emotions are very tricky to get across with just words, even when accompanied by powerful imagery. We have found that using video instantly brings messages and campaigns to life in a way the audience can easily relate to and remember. We have had fantastic success in recruitment, brand awareness and promotional videos.

Visitors finding your social media page(s) from engaging easily digested video are far more likely to engage, forward or share the link with friends, family and work colleagues. Shares through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can be invaluable in terms of brand awareness and website traffic, and when done right drive traffic to your own website or landing page at an alarming rate.

Video is an extremely powerful form of content promotion and makes a significant contribution to your overall SEO strategy. Search engines like Google and YouTube provide direct video results and find-ability.

We love photography, with any excuse to get the camera out. We offer a whole range of photography options and photographic assistance too. Our industry awareness of using visual language and integrating great images into our strategic marketing campaigns and other media formats can lead to powerful impact on our clients’ campaigns and projects. We strive to ensure that we deliver images that work for the brand or product, and create maximum visual impact. This can (but not always) include us using CGI – computer generated imagery.

We also offer storyboarding and artwork directing when we need to being in a trusted media company for a larger gig.

Our internal experience has taught us that the quintessential part of great photography has to be attention to detail. Location, lighting, composition and every part of the frame is strategically planned before the shutter is pressed, which results in a more dynamic, engaging and creative result.