A strong brand name is everything; Coca-Cola, Nike, BBC, Innocent Smoothies, Macmillan and Apple to name but a few. Making sure you stand out and look the part is at the core of any branding, and is part of the reason we are passionate about what we do. With a strong brand comes a powerful identity, which is a perfect foundation leading to enriched creative ideas, engaging directions for your brand and a carefully considered persona.

Start how you mean to go on with a well-thought-out brand strategy. Take the earlier mentioned examples of Apple who started out with just a seed of an idea and Innocent who started out as a small music festival. 

Their global successes are down to the well thought out brand strategies that were born as the ideas developed.

At White Space, we help businesses of all types and sizes sculpt and develop a brand strategy. By understanding unique offerings, where they started out, their core values, and ascertaining where they would like to be, we can then craft something special.

Whatever makes your brand unique, it needs bottling. We spend hours researching industries, competitors and target audiences to ensure we hit the nail on the head.

At that point, if desired, we would then guide you and your brand through a long and prosperous journey.

Rebranding is something that we pride ourselves on at White Space, and a rebrand doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth. We believe in working with our clients to focus and explore what and why a rebrand is needed, and the problems it will solve.

We know that there can be a lot of feelings and emotions from stakeholders wrapped up in branding, so keeping everyone informed and highlighting the rationale behind the ideas is key.

The look and feel projected by a business goes hand in hand with the brand identity. As an agency passionate about branding and brand identity, we want to ensure we develop a coherent and consistent message to reflect core values, the personality and ambition. By working together, we can connect the target audience and customers to help your business or product bloom.

With the brand strategy in place, our creatives continue to work tirelessly to develop a suite of visual and verbal identities, whether brand new or developing and refreshing your existing branding.

We know from personal experience that naming a brand can be harder than naming a child. Everyone wants to find that unique and memorable name that works for them, and does their business or product justice and resonates with the customers.

A logo is usually one of the first things a consumer or potential customer recognises from a brand, and so we work hard to make sure it’s memorable and unique.  Much like our own brand, we believe that a good logo should be simple, versatile, timeless and memorable. We can help you tick these boxes and create you a logo that will give your brand a look and feel to rival any competition.

Whether our clients require subtle changes to positioning, wording, logos and styling, or want to breathe new life into a tired brand identity, we have the skills and perspective to not only make the rebranding process inspiring and energising for staff, but commercially successful with consumers.