Devon County Council

  • TV Advert
  • Sky Adsmart System
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Views Exceed 100,000
  • 160,000+ impressions
  • 1,000+ direct enquiries
  • 40+ New foster carers

Keep it reel

How do you create a TV advert about the benefits of fostering? Use real foster cares, that’s how.

From big screen to mobile

The brief from Devon County Council’s fostering team was to create advertising assets that prospects would relate to, feel enthused by, be informed as to why fostering a child is a great thing to do and ultimately engage with Fostering Devon to become a foster carer themselves. No easy task, right? So we decided to create a video as the core piece, that kept it real, no actors, just real foster carers.

Devon County Council Fostering In Devon TV Advert Creation in Final Cut Pro

Creating the right impressions

By using mixed media including TV, Facebook, Twitter and Web, we made sure that as many carefully targeted people were able to view the Foster Carer campaign as possible within the agreed budget. With the TV advert campaign, we saw social media views exceed 100,000 and on Sky AdSmart we saw over 160,000 impressions.

Fostering In Devon TV Advert Sky Adsmart Statistics

Record breaking

Over 1,000 direct enquiries were achieved over the 12 month campaign which has led to more than 40 new foster carers - the best results ever!

Fostering In Devon Marketing Campaign Success Story

“Setting out to achieve 40 new foster carers was always going to be a tough ask, but White Space proved again, why we use them. From conceptual thinking, through to their detailed reports, they are a team we can trust to consistently deliver results.”

Rachel Mildon
Communications and Marketing Officer, Devon County Council

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