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When it comes to marketing, many businesses, especially smaller organisations, need support in developing a strategy which encompasses the ‘bigger picture’ of market communication and drives their business forward – and why shouldn’t they need guidance? Our clients are experts in their fields, such as Datel Electrical who are electrical professionals, not marketing gurus! With ever changing technologies and consumer behaviours, it’s our responsibility as a Creative Advertising Agency to provide our clients with a complete marketing structure, looking at specific activities which support them in meeting their organisational aims and objectives.

Datel Electrical required support in driving their business forward, developing a strategy which increased custom in quiet periods and encouraged new and returning clients. Datel Electrical, like many companies, required activities which utilised their resources much more efficiently and support in keeping them up-to-date with their consumer trends.

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Datel Electrical social media mobile twitter posts

The Project

An initial meeting with Datel Electrical Ltd indicated that their current marketing activities were sporadic and unplanned. Datel Electrical engaged in marketing activities as opportunities arose, which involved undertaking marketing activities which were sometimes incoherent with their business objectives and ultimately resulted in increased costs and waste of valuable resources. Datel Electrical approached us to assist them in their marketing and develop a proposal which looked at activities which increased personal communication to their customers, provided increased custom during typically low demand periods and increased development in their brand awareness across the South Devon region.

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Our Solution

Consistency and planning are critical for developing a successful marketing strategy; we developed a three-month plan for Datel Electrical, to a budget, which focused on activities which reinforced their business objectives, coincided with their seasonal demand and complemented each other to utilise financial resources entirely.

An all-encompassing strategy was a definite need for Datel Electrical, for the purpose to ensure they were conducting the right marketing activities for their business and where undertaking such activities at the right time which are crucial to reaching optimum results. Throughout this period we continually evaluated and analysed results of all campaigns. We also provided Datel with tools to help advance their future marketing, such as introducing a ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ which included a question asking; ‘how did you hear about us?’ We also included the opportunity for clients to sign-up to the e-newsletter, we introduced to the business. We also conducted marketing research for Datel Electrical, looking into future marketing possibilities to create an advantage over their competition. These tools will enable Datel Electrical and us to evaluate successful marketing activities, create an engaged database of loyal customers and put Datel Electrical ahead of their direct competitors; all of which introduces important foundations for all future marketing.

In Datel’s request to become more personal in their marketing communication to their current and potential clients, we decided the most effective tool to achieve this was through the use of Social Media. Datel already had a cohesive social media presence, primarily on Facebook; however their current content created minimal engagement and response, therefore we focused on developing new content which helped achieve these objectives. Such content included sharing team member information such as photos and personal hobbies; this allowed Datel to showcase the personal side of their business and provided their followers with an insight into their team and the business to increase perceptions of trust and loyalty amongst their supporters. In return, such attitudes, in theory, should increase the likelihood of performance or new custom for Datel Electrical. Other content involved competitions with ‘exciting’ prizes, electrical safety advice and referred/review campaigns. Datel Electrical saw very positive advancements in their social media response within just the first couple weeks.

Other marketing activities included introducing an email marketing campaign, this was also approached from a personal perspective, with friendly, engaging and valuable messaging included. Datel Electrical’s e-newsletter is to act as a form of brand reinforcement and to communicate recent business activity and promote services and discounts. Email marketing provides Datel with the advantage of offering their previous customers exclusive insight and discounts, as well as the opportunity to thank clients for their custom personally. Once again, such activity will encourage previous customers to return and help to provide a strong positive association and even relationship with the Datel Electrical brand.

To contribute towards the brand awareness objective, we looked to conduct PR for Datel in the local Torbay region. It was decided, the most appropriate method to achieve this would be through the distribution of a press release taking about Datel’s generous contribution to the community through charity volunteering. This activity would not only ‘spread the word’ about Datel Electrical, but, it will also help them to establish a positive brand reputation in their local area.

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