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Ashburton Cookery School Shop Brochure front cover

Ashburton Cookery School
B5 Shop Brochure Design

Ashburton Cookery School is a massive UK success story, having trained some of the most revered chefs in the country – and beyond!

The school boasts over 40 cookery courses to suit novices through to experienced cooks, all taught by professional chefs in state-of-the-art facilities within the picturesque Dartmoor National Park in Devon.

  • Concept Design
  • Typography
  • Layout Design
  • Image Retouching
  • Design for print

The Project

After completing some exciting advertising projects for the school, we were trusted with creating a shop brochure to highlight the wide range of products available to purchase whilst studying there.

These products would need to be attractively displayed in sections, highlighting details and variations as well as looking visually clear and appealing to entice sales.

In order to aid longevity, prices for the products were intentionally left out and instead included as a separate insert sheet at the point of delivery.

Ashburton Cookery School Shop Brochure inner pages blue
Ashburton Cookery School Shop Brochure inner pages yellow

Our Solution

It made sense to create the shop brochure in a B5 format, as there was already a current overview school brochure already at this size. This size lent itself very well to our initially proposed design and layout.

We worked together with Ashburton Cookery School to segment the vast array of products on offer into 9 key category groups; ranging from knives right through to smoked paprika and Kashmiri chillies. We chose to colour code these groups in order to aid finding products, each containing a bespoke complementary pastel colour to ensure no colour was more dominant than the next.

The type style was derived from previous collateral in order to maintain a uniformed brand identity. The layout was intentionally created to be simple and clean, utilising a 12-column grid system to ensure that elements contained within the layout were considered.

Whats more, in utilising this 12-column grid we were able to create a clear information area for each product and a bold product heading and container for the accompanying image. Some products required a larger image as they were better sellers, so the same grid system was adopted to ensure the product looked tidy in the page layout.

Each group had a colour-coded introduction section which helped provide an overview and a more stylised image to represent it. The product headings within a given group section would also feature this same chosen colour, as did the page folios.

The main cover was designed to be sophisticated, yet clean and contemporary – a true reflection of the cookery school! The use of the chocolate chip image help to set an enticing and friendly tone.

Finally, we advised Ashburton Cookery School on weights and paper stocks we felt the brochure ought to be printed on.

This resulted in a well-executed, uncoated, classy looking shop brochure, which we know will help this top cookery school sell more wonderful quality products.