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Press Advert Re-Design for VuPlex

We were tasked with the opportunity to create a new brand advert style for VuPlex, a global brand which produces high-quality cleaning products for boats, caravans and many other systems where the cleaning, protecting and polishing of all clear and coloured plastics is required.

VuPlex have an outstanding reputation in the industry and we were more than pleased to assist them in developing their advertising collateral through modernising their existing advert style and creating messaging to engage and appeal to their target audience.

As you can see in the below image, within their original press advertisement the fonts, imagery and messaging required updating in order to promote the product with greater effectiveness and ensure that the advert enhanced the brand identity and stood out within any marine publication.

Our Creative Director, Paul Mabin, firstly sought to utilise VuPlex’s strong brand colours more effectively to ensure the advert achieved a greater presence in the publication. This was achieved through the sourcing of an appropriate image to compliment the brand colour palette as well as support the accompanying message/advert concept.

Through the introduction of a contemporary font and clever use of layout design, the adverts overall appearance looks much cleaner despite containing more content than the original advert. This has allowed VuPlex to communicate more valuable information and direct customers to various purchasing points.

Due to the nature of the product, we thought that VuPlex would benefit from adding a little humour to their ad styles and we feel it has really paid off. The tongue and cheek headline ‘Divers would prefer it if you didn’t use our product’ provides the ad with an engaging concept that contributes towards the objective of ensuring the advert stands-out, becomes more memorable and in-turn helps to sell more product.

Overall, we’re really pleased with this end product and we have received very complimentary feedback from the VuPlex team. This advert is a perfect example of how to develop and modernise advertising collateral without the need to necessarily undertake a re-branding exercise. We hope this advert produces great results for VuPlex and we’ll be sure to share any positive feedback on our blog page.

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