Safer Devon

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Radicalisation is happening in our communities

Devon County Council's Safer Devon division commissioned us to create an awareness video to show the signs to spot someone who could be in danger of being radicalised.

From script to reality

The brief from Devon County Council’s Safer Devon team was to create a hard-hitting video campaign to raise awareness of radicalisation in Devon. We wanted to target both young individuals, as well as parents and carers of those vulnerable to grooming, with a relevant and powerful warning message. So, using actors, voiceovers, sound and lighting effects, and a real location, we scripted and created an atmospheric and intense depiction of the reality of radicalisation.

Online Radicalisation Video for Safer Devon - Video Editing

The perfect blend

Using a mix of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Pre-Roll, Google Search, Awareness Cards and Awareness Posters, we made sure that as many carefully targeted people were able to view the Safer Devon Radicalisation Campaign as possible within the agreed budget.

Online Radicalisation Video Awareness Card Design and print for Safer Devon

Creating radical impressions

By pushing the video through digital channels, we saw online views exceed 250,000, resulting in excess of 3,000 visits to the website over a 4 month period. This combined with the offline campaign has gone a long way to help prevent radicalisation in Devon.

Online Radicalisation Awareness Video Facebook Post for Devon and Cornwall Police

We are now spreading the message nationally

Due to our efforts, the collateral is now being used nationally by many other authorities including:
• Action Against Terrorism (ACT)
• Counter-Terrorism Policing UK
• Metropolitan Police
• West Yorkshire Police
• Dorset Police

“It has been a pleasure to work with White Space Advertising on developing and delivering a really challenging, hard-hitting campaign to raise awareness about the risk of online radicalisation. White Space colleagues have been creative, responsive and adaptable in their approach. The campaign has had significant reach and the collateral is now being used as part of a suite of national public facing resources.”

Julie Richards
Safer Devon Partnership Manager, Devon County Council

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