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A really HANDi App

NHS Devon CCG wanted us to create a high profile online awareness campaign for their Paediatric Child Symptom Checker App, called HANDi App.

Within the first month we have seen a 75% increase in app downloads of the NHS HANDi App

A positive message

When creating a campaign for a client, regardless of the size of the client, we start with working out what the key message needs to be, followed by a series of secondary messages. For promoting the NHS HANDi App, our process was no different.

By identifying the key target groups, determined the collateral type required, followed by the tone of voice and the message for each.

NHS HANDi App promotional electronic PDF leaflet
NHS HANDi App promotional social media case study video editing

Digital marketing at the heart of the campaign

Running for three months, we created and managed a comprehensive digital marketing plan that spanned across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Google Display Network, using the motion and static assets we had created.

The motion social assets utilised five of the case-study videos that we had created, alongside seven static social media asset types using quotes and images taken from the individual case-study films.

Below are the static social media marketing examples that were used across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the Google Display Network.

Early results look promising

Ultimately, promoting such an important App such as this requires the target audience to see the adverts, visit the links, download the App and start using it.

Fortunately, within the first month of the campaign launch, we have already seen an increase of over 1,400% in download numbers. So, early indications look as though the app will continue to be downloaded in increasing numbers on both Apple and Android platforms.

If you would like our help to market your App or Product effectively online or offline, or both, then we'd love to hear from you.

“We wanted a campaign that used real stories from local parents to highlight the worries they face when their child is unwell and how the HANDi App has helped them. White Space quickly grasped the brief, and produced a range of emotive and professional materials that captured the essence of the app. Their creativity and ability to work to tight deadlines while not compromising quality has been wonderful.”

Sam Cush
Internal Communications Manager - NHS Devon CCG

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