Families for Children Adoption

LGBTQ+ Recruitment Campaign for Families for Children Child Adoption Charity Agency

  • Location Video Shoot
  • Video Editing
  • Promotional Teaser Videos
  • Interview Video
  • Poster Design
  • Roller Banner
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Website Banner

LGBTQ+ Adopter Recruitment Campaign

Families for Children were looking for a unique concept to help them launch their exciting new LGBTQ+ campaign. We relished the challenge.

Making adoption louder and prouder than ever before

Harnessing the power of adoption, this campaign set out to recruit new adopters from the LGBTQ+ community; with the focus very much on creating a family for the children. 'A child sees a parent, not a gender' was our chosen headline. The aim was to communicate that a loving family can absolutely change a child's life and that from a child's' perspective, they simply see a parent, regardless of their gender.

Families for Children Child Adoption Charity Agency LGBTQ+ Recruitment Campaign Roller Banner

Hard-hitting digital and print

To maximise audience reach, we utilised as many media forms as the budget allowed while still aiming at the pre-determined target demographic. We did this by creating a full suite of static and motion digital assets for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Display - and even a poster and roller banner design!

LGBTQ+ adopter recruitment campaign promotional video

Family, from a different angle

It all started with a road trip. We quite literally went the extra mile to give LGBTQ+ adopters the voice they so rightly deserve for the project. Following our creative art direction, we brought in a gay couple to help demonstrate the real power of LGBTQ+ adoption. The video shoot was purposefully broad and natural to allow the essence of what a family is all about, to shine through.

Families for Children Child Adoption Charity Agency LGBTQ+ Recruitment Campaign Image from Location Video Shoot in St Agnes, Cornwall

Editing to celebrate love and inspire solidarity

Under the bonnet of the video is where the real magic lies. By combining a unique and friendly concept, with exceptional cinematography, and a harmonious edit to the visuals, the LGBTQ+ couple could be displayed in an emotive and engaging manner. This led to the creation of personable promotional, teaser and interview videos to inspire prospective LGBTQ+ parents through online media.

Families for Children Child Adoption Charity Agency LGBTQ+ Recruitment Campaign 4K interview edit using Final Cut Pro

Social Media Assets for the LGBTQ+ Campaign


Reimagining conventional LGBTQ+ branding

Colour plays such an integral role in pride; it was only right that we incorporate it into the design aesthetic, being careful to not just blindly mimic the traditional LGBTQ+ colour palette. The use of bold colour choices taken from the Families for Children brand colours, combined with contemporary typography, created an iconic look for LGBTQ+ adopters while staying true to the consistent family feel.

“From White Space's initial concept through to the filming and final edit, this was such an exciting and inspirational project to work on. White Space working with their chosen film production partner (The Really Good Media Company) perfectly captured the essence of the campaign in promoting LGBTQ+ adoption and in being able to bring to life the sometimes challenging journey in becoming adoptive parents. Thank you guys!”

Katey McDonald
Marketing Manager - Families for Children

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