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Google Digital Garage - Training presentation design using Google Slides

Google® Slides slide design

Everyone on earth probably knows Google by now, but perhaps lesser known is the division of their extensive business portfolio known as the ‘Digital Garage’.

The purpose of Digital Garage is to offer free courses on everything from search to social media, in order to help grow stronger businesses and careers.

There are a few Digital Garage partners in the UK that offer offline courses to companies and individuals who wish to learn more, using the Google suite of applications. One such company is a business we work closely with, known as Chesamel Partners; based in London.

  • Google Slides slide design
  • Adhere to strict corporate guidelines
  • Enhance brand identity
Google Digital Garage - Google Slide Design

The Project

Chesamel approached us for creative guidance with a Google Slides presentation that they had scripted. The presentation was created to aid Google Slides teachers to go on and train individuals or companies on how to use the service – the Google equivalent of Microsoft’s very well known presentation software PowerPoint.

Google Digital Garage - Google Slides Design for Projector
Google Digital Garage - Google Slides Design

Our Solution

Adhering to the corporate guidelines supplied by Google, we created a suite of slides that utilised the chosen colour palette, typefaces and several slide elements. However, the majority of the slides required us to add new elements, layouts and images.

Each slide not only had to get the green light from Chesamel but also from Google directly, to ensure it adhered to their strict guidelines – especially for fonts, sizes and layouts.  After the presentation was given the go-ahead, it was adapted slightly for different markets and has continued to be used by numerous Google partners.

Google Digital Garage - Google Slide Design for large screen