Fostering in Devon

  • Filming
  • Audio Capture
  • Animated Videos
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Digital Adshel Advertising
  • YouTube Pre-Roll Advertising
  • Google Display Network Advertising
  • Press Release

Drawing from our experience

If you want to create an impactful marketing campaign that uses real Foster Children, telling their individual stories, but need to protect their identities, how do you do this? We decided to use an illustrative approach that best captures the essence of each person and we're pretty chuffed with the results.

A multi-channel marketing campaign that celebrates Foster Children's stories

We have proved many times, that a multi-channel marketing campaign produces the best results for our clients.

Starting with filming three real foster children, capturing their audio, through to creating the resulting animated videos for each of them, in a way that could be utilised across many different marketing channels was of utmost importance.

From motion to static

Taking quotes directly from the animated video content, we were able to create a suite of consistently branded assets across a multitude of platforms from YouTube Pre-Roll adverts, Google Display Network adverts, to Social Media adverts, Digital Adshel adverts and even Press Releases.

Take a look below at one of the Digital Adshel adverts.

Fostering In Devon Fostered Children Animation Videos campaign Google Display Network Adverts

Socially aware

The majority of the Fostering In Devon Fostered Children Animated Campaign collateral was centred around a detailed social media marketing strategy, which included a marketing plan, creation of social media paid and organic assets, and social media video content.

You can view an example of one of the static social media adverts that were displayed on Instagram, below.

Stand out illustrations

By utilising a stylised illustrative approach in the Fostering In Devon brand colour scheme, ensured that the marketing collateral stood out wherever it was displayed.

This was a bold approach that we had put forward to the Fostering In Devon and Devon County Council teams, but it was very well received.

Below is the main animated video that features Rosie telling her story of her Fostering journey.

The result is a masterpiece

In just short of a month, the number of new users visiting the Fostering In Devon website has grew by 156% - and still increasing! But that's not all, their organic search has also risen by 269%, showing just what a powerful difference stand-out creative, when paired with a well-considered digital marketing strategy can make.

Initial results like these are essential to building awareness and ultimately tapping into the hearts and minds of prospective foster carers, so we can't wait to find out how many enquiries have been generated as a direct result.

Take a look at the final video that we had created. This one tells Bobby's fostering story.

"White Space do an amazing job for Fostering Devon. The animation work for our latest recruitment campaign has received great feedback from our service members and is generating lots of interest and enquiries from members of the public. To produce the campaign White Space engaged and enthused our young people in care and have consistently checked that the work was meeting our specific needs."

Claire Bennett
Acting Team Manager - Recruitment and Assessment Fostering Team

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