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A Sea Of Opportunity

ARC Marine needed help branding their innovative product ‘Reef Cubes’, as well as a new website and a CGI promo vid.

Diving Deep

ARC Marine are dedicated to rectifying the awful state of our oceans by helping to re-establish reef life sustainably with their revolutionary stackable ‘Reef Cubes’. We fully support their efforts and were focused on producing the best imagery and visuals possible to showcase on their new website.

To be taken seriously in their market, ARC Marine needed to show potential investors that they mean business with high resolution scalable imagery and animation.


ROV Cable Demo

Working closely with ARC, we choreographed and created an animation to demonstrate how versatile and revolutionary their Reef Cubes really are.

The Net

The last piece to the brand puzzle was to overhaul the existing website and show off what ARC are all about in a visually striking fashion.

Our Vision
About Us
Animated Menu
Reef Cubes
About The Project
Dynamic Timeline

Diving deeper, ARC Marine decided to show how effective and scientifically backed their Reef Cubes are with an informational printed and PDF brochure.

Creating a new market with a unique product is a no easy task. We needed to make a big, corporate impression whilst retaining our ethos of being environmentally driven. White Space not only produced a stunning product logo to communicate that perfectly, but also revamped our brand name and transformed our website helping to transition our image of a garage start up into an industry leader.

Tom Birbeck
Founder / Director

An Expanding Ocean

ARC Marine update their own website regularly, knowing we're always here when they want to expand or tweak it.

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