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Global Eight Lighting Brand Identity

Global Eight Lighting
Brand identity and marketing collateral

Global Eight Lighting specialises in the manufacture, supply and installation of the latest energy-efficient LED lighting, to large-scale businesses across the Middle East and the UK.

Their projects span from football stadiums, warehouses, and multi-story car parks through to large retail outlets and commercial properties, saving each sector significant sums on their energy bills.

  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Brochure design
  • Business card design
  • Compliment slip design
  • Letterhead design
  • Datasheet design
  • Social media page creation
  • Website design and build
  • Clothing embroidery design
Global Eight Lighting logo variation design
Global Eight Lighting clothing embroidery design
Global Eight Lighting clothing embroidery design

The Project

Launching into the UK for the first time and expanding their operation across the Middle East, Global Eight Lighting wanted a completely fresh appearance and approach to their business.

The project included a new brand identity which involved designing a new logo, type style, colour palette, image style and overall layout design. This would then be applied to a number of creative executions such as apparel, stationery, data sheets, signage, social pages, brochures and responsive website.

Global Eight Lighting business card design
Global Eight Lighting datasheet design
Global Eight Lighting datasheet design
Global Eight Lighting square brochure cover design
Global Eight Lighting square brochure design
Global Eight Lighting square brochure design
Global Eight Lighting square brochure design

Our Solution

As Global Eight Lighting was entering an already congested market, we needed to ensure that their new brand identity stood out from the crowd. So after competitor research to ensure Global Eight sat above anything that was currently out there.

We chose a very vivid and strong colour combination which utilised a striking red and black colour scheme. This would help the brand to stand out and appeal to buyers wanting something very slick and modern.

The logo design took a number of iterations to create the final shape and execution. The combination of using both the letter ‘g’ and the number ‘8’ in the motif created a strong and iconic shape. This was further enhanced by adding some 3D flourishes to add depth to the identity. The inclusion of a unique type style for the words ‘Global Eight Lighting’ simply complimented the motif. Finally, a flat version, 3D version and positive and negative versions of the logo were created so that the logo could be applied to various media.

The photography was crucial to the success of this project. We wanted to make the products be instantly recognisable that they were a Global Eight product, so utilising the new red and black colour palette we art directed a photoshoot with expert photographer, Mike Evans to execute what was required. Each product was shot with different exposures with the light on and off and then composited together in post-production. The result was a product image that was lit, but you were also able to see all the detail showing the quality build of the product.

With the logo, brand identity and imagery created, we then created the remainder of the marketing collateral, including the data sheets, signage, embroidery, social pages, website and the case study brochures and overview brochures.

Global Eight Lighting signage
Global Eight Lighting twitter page design
Global Eight Lighting facebook page design
Global Eight Lighting website design