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Time for a Kitchen refresh

It's only fitting that one of the UK's leading bespoke handcrafted kitchen manufacturers had a website that was befitting to its products, service, skillset and its target audience and was much easier to keep updated by the client.

Start with the right ingredients

Ashgrove Kitchens looked to our expertise in pulling together their brand identity before starting work on the new website design, build, and hosting.

Starting with a refresh on the long-established logo design, then turning our attention to the typefaces, colours and image enhancements.

Once these had been established and signed off by the senior management team at Ashgrove Kitchens, we could then start work on the website structure and functionality that would form the basis of the initial website key page designs.

The right image

For the colour palette, we researched other luxury brands that sit within the same target audience sector as Ashgrove Kitchens, such as Farrow & Ball, Mercedes Benz, Princess Yachts, Omega, Louis Vuitton and De Beers Jewellery. The muted, less garish tones sit more comfortably within this sophisticated brand space ensuring the target audience feels more at ease due to colour association.

For the typography, we researched similar brand groups and identified that many premium brands utilised a serif font for headings and a san serif font for body type to aid legibility. Increasing the leading and kerning, using softer colours provide a luxury image.

The imagery is perhaps the most important aspect of the new Website Design. After all, showcasing case-study images in the best manner possible is ultimately going to lead to an enquiry and ultimately, a sale. To keep the budget to a minimum, we didn't suggest a new photo shoot, but instead, worked with their existing image library to enhance each image. We focused on colour balance, brightness, exposure and levels, sometimes merging several layers (similar to how HDR works), retaining highlights and lowlights where necessary and correcting any lens distortion that can be distracting. The result is an enhanced image that retains its natural qualities.

See the before and after images below.

Before (Original Image)

After (Enhanced Image)

Viewing exceptional traditional and contemporary kitchens has never been so handy.

Ashgrove Kitchens new website design and build - Contemporary Kitchens page

Easy to keep updated

One of the main reasons for Ashgrove Kitchens to commission a new website design and build was to ensure that it can be easily updated. The previous system meant that it was not intuitive to use, took longer to update and was on a system that individuals were not familiar with.

Taking this into account, we built the new website on WordPress, primarily focusing each page on a much-improved user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). But, as importantly, we integrated simple to use back-end functionality so that Ashgrove Kitchens staff can quickly enter the site and update case studies, images, articles and text.

As time progresses we will be working with Ashgrove Kitchens to improve their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) taking one page at a time and optimising it to aid their Google rankings.

Click on the link near the bottom of the page to view the Ashgrove Kitchens website for yourself.

“We are extremely pleased with our new website recently created by White Space Advertising. Their understanding of our market, the need to retain our brand quality and history has resulted in a fantastic finished product . Visually aesthetic, easy to navigate plus allowing us full control over content via the CMS - we have the whole package. Always professional and accommodating the guys at Whitespace are a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Brimblecombe
Ashgrove Managing Director

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