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Gustare Honey Christmas magazine advert

Gustare Honey
Advertising design and POS design

Gustare Honey is now a truly global brand with their delicious raw 100% natural product being stocked in the UK, Australia, the Far East and beyond.

It’s important for a growing brand to attract new trade customers, retailers and distributors. Equally important is to ensure that you create demand for the product from consumers through whichever means available.

  • A1 window poster design
  • Shelf wobbler design
  • Shelf Barker design
  • A5 leaflet design
  • Online banner advert
  • Magazine advert design
  • E-shot advert design
Gustare Honey Tree of Life magazine advert
Gustare Honey e-shot advert
Gustare Honey Christmas advert on CLF website

The Project

To target the trade customers, a program was developed to advertise on distributor websites and distributor catalogue/magazines.

For the consumers, we decided to create a suite of Point-Of-Sale (POS) items, including window posters, shelf wobblers, shelf barkers, leaflets and supporting brochures.

Gustare Honey A1 Window Poster
Gustare Honey Shelf Wobbler Design
Gustare Honey Shelf Barker Design

Our Solution

As part of the White Space approach, we took a look at the trade customer target audience persona and created a campaign led strategy, initially announcing the four new products to the UK. This was then followed with a festive campaign which included a discount incentive. Following the seasonal campaigns, our strategy is to start highlighting a particular product benefit, the first of which is the provenance and traceability of the raw natural honey. The latter campaign questions whether a consumer knows where their regular honey comes from, as many consumers are completely unaware, with most honey labels stating they are a blend of EU and non-EU honey.

The trade advert collateral consists of an E-Shot advert, online website banner and a magazine/catalogue advert. Each advert features a clear call to action (CTA) and an eye-catching headline. Where possible, we incorporated the products to reflect the headline message.

For the consumer advertising, we have used in-store point-of-sale to communicate the product benefits to the consumer. The point-of-sale collateral consists of a unique shaped hexagonal shelf wobbler, a standard size shelf barker, an A5 leaflet, an overview brochure and an A1 Window Poster. The (POS) kit can be ordered via the retail store’s distributor.

Each design utilises the corporate colour scheme, type styles and product imagery, to aid brand recognition; which is critical when trying to establish a new brand to the market.

The result is an increase in sales from trade customers, and many of the stores are also requesting the POS kits. More importantly, though, sales of the products in the stores are looking very healthy.

Gustare Honey A5 leaflet design