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'Harder to place children' adoption recruitment campaign

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Harder to Place Children Adoption Recruitment Campaign

Many adoption agencies across the country face the same recruitment issues when trying to find adopters to take on Harder to Place children. Instigated by Families for Children Adoption agency, we created a recruitmenet drive campaign for a total of thirteen adoption agencies across the country.

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Harder to place 'Brothers and Sisters' Adopter Recruitment Video

Working together saved time, resources and reduced individual agency budgets

Having White Space Advertising create the collateral for all 13 adoption agencies across the country, meant more assets and collateral could be produced for less money - for each of the agencies involved.

This is a great marketing model for other companies/agencies who need to market to a similar audience with the same message but don't have the budget to produce either the quality of assets or the number of assets they would like to produce if they marketed on their own.

Harder to place 'Older Children' Adopter Recruitment Video

Thirteen agencies, four messages, resulting in the creation of fifty-two individually branded videos

To keep the budget to a minimum and to work within the given two-week time frame we proposed using stock video footage for the four Harder to Place films.

This approach is not always ideal as you can be restricted by the content available, but we managed to source enough material that suited the script, for each of the four films.

Additionally, we constructed the four video types in a way that could be easily edited for each agency involved, swapping the typeface, colour, logo and call to action to suit each respective brand style.

Harder to place 'Additional Needs' Adopter Recruitment Video

Video content works well across digital platforms

Why video as opposed to static imagery I hear you ask. The reality is, based on our experience with online digital marketing, we have proved many times that video content is more engaging and results in a higher click-through rate, resulting in more enquiries.

Harder to place 'Diverse Backgrounds' Adopter Recruitment Video

Mixed media, but consistent messaging across a multitude of online platforms

The videos ran across multiple social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. This was further enhanced by utilising Google Display Advertising, Re-marketing, YouTube Pre-Roll Advertising, and web banners.

Take a look below at one of the website banners

Take a look below at some of the Google Display Network Adverts

Take a look below at a few of the social media assets


“Thanks so much for your time in creating such great material. Hope the campaign is going well for the other consortium members – we’ve had lots of positive feedback here and new enquiries.”

Vicky Hunt
Marketing Officer - St. Francis Children's Society

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