F1 photographer Darren Heath e-shot Image typography design

24 Sep 2019
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Darren Heath Formula 1 photographer - Image and typography design overhead image

The team at White Space helped F1 photographer Darren Heath with e-shot Image typography design.

We all like fast cars, right? Well, Darren Heath is arguably one of the finest Formula One photographers in the world. So much so, that his original image prints command high prices and he has managed to attain over fifty thousand followers.

Darren has been commissioned by many top Formula One and Automotive brands like McLaren, Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW, F1Racing and Top Gear, but his portfolio also extends to many non-automotive clients too.

Darren was looking for a creative partner to enhance his stunning imagery with bespoke typography designs for his E-shots. Each typographic execution would need to comfortably reflect the subject and style of the image it’s associated with.

We were supplied with Darren’s image of choice after each race has taken place and been shot. It was then our job to combine the image with the E-shot headline and create a unique typographic fusion. After some initial research time and inspiration, and once a suitable typeface has been selected, we proceed down our decided style route and work together with Darren to refine and finesse it.

The majority of the images are manipulated using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to allow for maximum control and flexibility.

The result is a precise and striking typographic execution to further enhance the amazing image Darren has selected. His mailing list then receives this latest blog article alongside an eye-catching and attention-grabbing hero image.

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