Download our free comprehensive creative brief template

30 Jan 2015
Avg. read time: 3 mins

Feel free to download our interactive Free creative brief template. It’s optimised for the iPad too, with fillable fields so that you can create accurate submissions for all your creative projects. It features 18 pages, segmented into four sections; Company Overview, Project Details, Print Specifications and Website Specifications.

Not all parts of the free creative brief template need to be completed by the Creative Agency or the Client, but the more information that’s obtained will lead to a more accurate project. Whenever we have completed the Creative Brief Document for our projects, we manage to fill it out within an hour. “An hour”, I hear you say, but by spending an hour completing an accurate brief, will save you more than an hour throughout the project duration.

The free creative brief template will also allow you to use the document as a bargaining tool, if at a later date, the parameters change for no fault of your own and the client is likely to incur additional fees as a result. It also means that from the outset, the client is aware of what he/she is getting for the money.

The creative brief template is also invaluable for your design team, as they will also have a document that contains many, if not all, of the questions that would have likely asked the project or account manager. It also ensures that the creative execution is accurate, stays within the allotted time and remains within budget. And for any Project or Account Manager, it will also act as a prompt to ask all the right and most relevant questions when talking to the client. It is also best practice to have a client sign off the completed brief before the creative team actions the project.

The free creative brief template is optimised for iPads but will work perfectly well on most tablets, laptops and desktop machines. So what are you waiting for, download it today.


If after using the free creative brief template you feel that improvements could be made or if you want me to add new fields, then please let me know – I’d appreciate your feedback.

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