David Kelley TED talk on how to build your creative confidence

30 Jan 2015
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As a creative approach to any thriving agency or any business come to that, owners and managers really ought to adopt David Kelley’s approach to build ‘creative confidence’ in their employees.

All too often, creative thinking in an individual can be suppressed, due to colleagues not allowing them to flourish. Every single person has an inner creative side to them; it just needs to be nurtured and encouraged. This is explored in David Kellys TED Talk.

It is a principal that we adopt here at White Space, that every person within the business can come up with a creative idea – well you would hope so wouldn’t you – we are a creative agency after all. This ethos is one that we have used in businesses we have run, or been a part of and is one that we will continue to use. Whether you are the cleaner, creative director, or an account manager, you are still capable of coming up with a great idea.

David Kelleys TED Talk encourages the building of ‘creative confidence’ in people, so grab a biscuit and a cuppa, sit down and check out the video – it’s a good’n.