Datel Electrical Radio Advertising Campaign

24 Sep 2019
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The team at White Space successfully created a Datel Electrical Radio Advertising Campaign to increase sales enquiries.

Datel Electrical is a leading South Devon electrical contractor, having operated for over 15 years with both commercial and domestic customers, large and small.

Being responsible for Datel’s Marketing Strategy, we looked for ways to increase enquiries. For this reason, we felt that Radio Advertising would be an ideal solution to add to Datel’s marketing mix. We wanted to create a brand awareness campaign to let potential customers know who Datel are, and that they undertake projects for both domestic and commercial customers.

We were responsible for creating the concept, script, sourcing voiceovers, booking the studio as well as the art direction itself. The script was crucial as we needed to create a really engaging radio advert. We were very careful to not alienate commercial customers, whilst retaining a fun appeal for domestic customers.

Working with Global Radio, we came up with an engaging script with a clear call to action.

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