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Creative Services

You need to find an agency whose values are in line with your own

Two advertising agencies may seem to offer the same creative services on paper, but it’s their values that can set them worlds apart and differentiate the quality of their work. These core values help influence and shape the creative process, ensuring the delivery of the final piece is a great success for the client. The key to a lasting relationship is to find an agency whose values are in line with your own.

Each and every service we offer is hand selected to ensure confidence in achieving optimal results for you and your business and makes sure we are personally involved.

Advertising (Online/Offline)

As advertising specialists, we create award-winning advertising from initial concepts through to creative execution; including headline creation, art direction, planning, buying and placement. Whatever it is you need to shout about, we’ll make sure you are heard!

App/UX/UI Design

The App boom seems to have died down over the past few years, and as a result, they are harder to make people take notice of them. But, as so many of us now own and use smartphones, there is certainly still a place for them.

As far as designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), these skills can be applied to any framework technology and never actually date. The technology will continue to evolve along with the way in which we interact with phones and tablets, but the positive feelings, feedback and animations combined with the interactivity is something that will remain constant and require solid design fundamentals to execute efficiently. This is where we come in.

Art direction

Always thinking creatively, our minds work in mysterious ways! (or is that how fish move?) Aside from making most people believe we are mad, these skills have a very serious purpose in helping new businesses or established brands that are after a refresh, to start looking at a new approach which they otherwise would never have considered.

Brand guidelines

Regardless of your brand, you need some guidelines. Without this direction, however simple, your brand consistency and professionalism will fall off the radar and things will become disjointed. We recommend brand guidelines for all our clients, so at least in-house we know we are working to an established fixed identity. We always keep strict in-house files and documents to ensure that the same colour palettes and graphics are used across the board and use vectors graphics wherever possible to allow for optimum quality and endless scaling options.

Branding, naming and logo design

A strong name is everything; Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nike, BBC and Apple to name but a few. Making sure you stand out and look the part is the core of any branding and the reason we are passionate about what we do. With a strong brand comes a powerful identity, and a compelling identity provides the foundation, leading to enriched creative ideas, engaging directions for your brand and a carefully considered persona.


Whether it’s for advertising, brochure copy, website copy, your blog or social posts, your own messaging is an essential means of communicating with your potential customers. If things are muddled or a little dull in the word department, you will soon become engulfed in the sea of brands and won’t stand out (you know shouting is rude, right?). It’s vital to ensure your tone and wording is spot on, so new eyes see you for the first time and know exactly why you are the greatest brand ever. We bring years of copywriting experience to the table, along with an in-house “Grammar Nazi”, and work in close collaboration with local copywriters to ensure you are armed with the best load of jargon around!

Corporate identity

When your business is flourishing, and people are noticing you daily, it’s vital that your identity looks the part and reflects what you do. Our creative team has experience working with some huge brands including Princess Yachts, Subway, Ettinger, Ascari and WKD to name but a few. On the flipside, we also welcome startups and new businesses on a budget, as it’s the creative process we crave and not the stature. As long as it’s something we can get our teeth into, we are more than happy to help.

Marketing services

When it comes to marketing, there isn’t just one particular service we provide as, unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Our marketing abilities accompany a wide variety of skills, and we work with our clients to develop complete marketing strategies. Thorough research into industries and competitors enable us to decide which marketing outreach activities to utilise on behalf of our clients. We then design these activities to achieve optimum results when communicating brands to desired target audiences and to ensure our clients are fully supported in reaching their corporate objectives. Such activities are dependent on industry and business type, but usually, encompass a mixture of the following;

• Advertising campaigns
• Social media campaigns
• Online and offline media implementation
• PR
• Content writing and development
• Email marketing
• Direct mailings

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Most of us are familiar with the term SEO, but how can you benefit from it? The key to an SEO optimised site is to be honest and open with your content, and not pretend you are something you are not. The search engines will soon realise this and you will be rewarded greatly. You know that feeling when you Google something and it takes you half a dozen attempts to find what you are looking for? By creating new and relevant quality content with optimised meta descriptions, h1 page titles, readable copy and well-tagged images, you can sit back and laugh at those other sites still suffering!

Market research

Before you start any project, market research is essential to scout out your competition and locate areas to strike. For us, a certain level of market research is critical before undertaking any design work to ensure it functions and is not simply aesthetic. However, a more thorough process is highly advised before running any advertising campaign or brand strategy. You won’t catch us with our fingers in the air!

Outdoor Advertising

Critical to any advertising campaign is trying to get your message seen by as many people as possible. Outdoor media, such as bus backs, bus sides (street-liners), bus shelters, billboards and poster sites, are an ideal way of promoting your message to the masses to either complement a press, radio or online campaign, or to reach a regional audience.

You’ll be pleased to know that we have experience with all types of outdoor media, having created some memorable campaigns for some great clients. Take a look at our work to see some examples.

Packaging and retail

Packaging is one of our core strengths. Seeing your initial concepts and designs go from an idea to the finished product on the shop floor is exhilarating! Having to dress a product up with materials and finishes that reflect the quality within them is wonderful, and we use software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Cinema 4D to create 3D model / realistic visuals before production. We work closely with packaging companies from the beginning of a project to ensure we understand costs and constraints to be able to push boundaries wherever possible to create some truly bespoke products that stand out on the shelf.

Photography and video

These days everyone and their mum has a camera (literally!). So photography and video is something we are all emersed in and constantly surrounded by – so how do you stand out from the crowd? It’s important that you carve a professional impression of yourself across all mediums such as billboards, social media and the web – so you don’t simply blend in with everyone else! We possess extensive photographic knowledge, experience, and training for image and video – and don’t worry if you aren’t looking your best – we’re quite the dab hand at image editing!

Print design

Whether you require point-of-sale (POS), packaging design, brochures, direct mail or anything in between, we’ll ensure your finished article is engaging and right first time. We happily recommend when we feel something would be better suited to be printed than digital, as ultimately we want whatever is produced for you to be a success. Commonly selected print media includes brochures, posters, flyers or booklets – all on hand selected high-quality stocks with various finishes and treatments like spot UV, embossing and varnishing.

Social media

Let’s get social! Or so people say, but it’s not for everyone. We have in-house chatterboxes that love to brag about your business on your behalf, freeing up your time to do what you do best while benefitting from the increased brand awareness and buzz created from your social presence. We’ll keep you connected with relevant trending hashtags, create and share imagery if you require and some general tooting of your trumpet, so to speak, to make sure you’re the talk of the town – hoorah!


Now we’re in the ‘digital age’ stationery can seem outdated, but it is still key in showing off your brand at a professional level, business to business, and reflects positively on your image to show you take care in all your collateral. It arguably has more clout now we are more accustomed to seeing everything on screen – those special designs and printed finishes add an extra level of quality to your office stationery. Whatever you fancy styling up – we are certainly game!

Web design

Let’s make no bones about it – many companies are claiming to be able to set you up online for a very low cost. We could reel off 101 reasons we are the absolute best, but somehow feel you have better things to do. What we will say is this: we bring experience, awareness and decades of training to fulfil the purpose of your website – be it to sell, create awareness or advertise. Just because you have some leather does not make you a bootmaker!

As skilled digital designers, we create engaging websites with functionality, branding and user experience in mind at all times. We know the difference between pixels and rem, SVG and png, and when to use CSS3 over jQuery. Making a site look nice and work on mobile and tablet is a prerequisite, but if it doesn’t perform and reflect your professionalism, what’s the point?

Still with us? If you are left wondering what the heck we’re going on about, we’ll hand you over to Oscar Wilde:

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Web development

With a core focus and background for WordPress and skills including HTML, CSS3, jQuery and PHP – we have everything you need to build a thriving website. We are of course versed with other systems as well, but WordPress is our weapon of choice and never yet have we had a client for whom it is not suitable! We are open and not precious about the system like some companies, and you own the site to do what you want with and take wherever you wish, which is a huge draw for most clients. Security is no issue as we use the best fully managed WordPress hosting around; WPEngine, offering very competitive prices. No pressure, though – you’re free to host anywhere, but please be aware we won’t be able to guarantee your site’s security or updates if it’s out of our hands.

What our clients say

  • Jenny Caldwell - Marketing and Communications Manager at Devon County Council
    After winning the Adopt South West campaign based on their understanding of our brief and the creative they had presented, it was still a daunting prospect working with a new agency. But they really have delivered! They have always exceeded our expectations and are a very personable team. On top of all of this, we are so pleased to have seen a great positive response to the campaign delivered by the White Space team with a significant increase in adoption enquiries.  
    Jenny Caldwell - Marketing and Communications Manager for Devon County Council
  • Peter-Blake-costa-rica-coffee
    Thank you for your assistance and input into the development and design of our new 'Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee' range. We are highly delighted with the finished products and the result and proof of the success lies with our sales up to Christmas, which went way above our initial estimates. Well done and look forward to joining up with you for our next project.  
    Peter Blake - Owner of Costa Rica Plantation Co.
  • Stephen Crisp - General Manager of GrayAreas Care Homes
    As a new client White Space researched our market; listened to our business needs and responded with a competitive and exciting new marketing proposal that required little or no change. We can be confident that existing and prospective customer responses to our new visual presentation, fitted in with our GrayAreas Care Homes vision. We now have a well designed platform to develop upon, and we continue to receive unobtrusive support from a company that obviously cares about its clients interests as much as we do.
    Stephen Crisp - General Manager for GrayAreas Care Homes
  • Jenny Paton - Fundraising Manager at Paignton Zoo
    It has been a pleasure working with White Space Advertising – they designed an innovative way for us to approach a new market and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.  
    Jenny Paton - Fundraising Manager for Living Coasts
  • James Green - Co-founder of MoreShifts
    As a startup with ambitions to become a global brand, we wanted a logo and mobile app icon that would be at home alongside the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Uber. For MoreShifts, we needed the insight, finesse and quality one would expect from a top London agency without the London price tag. White Space Advertising were perfect for us - quick, clever, humble and a joy to deal with. I will definitely be a repeat customer and am happy to recommend them to others.  
    James Green - Co-founder of MoreShifts
  • Melanie Holman - Director of Darthaven Marina
    White Space Advertising has recently given a new, modern look to our advertising material here at Darthaven Marina. The service is always prompt and much care given to making sure that our message is clear and user friendly for the potential customers that will use our services.  
    Melanie Holman - Director of Darthaven Marina Ltd
  • Phil Donoghue from ModBox Spaces
    From our initial badly drawn sketches White Space took these ideas and created a website that surpassed our expectations. As a result we have already had a measurable growth in qualified enquiries. We would highly recommend White Space Advertising.  
    Phil Donoghue - Managing Director of ModBox Spaces
  • Caroline Davis OBE - CEO of Families for Children Adoption Agency Devon
    Paul & Rob’s clear understanding of the objectives our website had to meet both as a professional service and a charity has led to the fantastic site we have today. The huge amount of time and thought that is always put into their creativity, design and development of all our projects is a credit to the company.  
    Caroline Davis OBE - CEO Families for Children Adoption Agency
  • David Parsons - Pearce Construction (Barnstaple) Ltd
    To raise our profile we required a creative agency that came highly recommended and that would guide us through our extensive re-branding. With White Space Advertising we were not disappointed and we now consider them to be part of our marketing team and would happily recommend them.  
    David Parsons - Managing Director, Pearce Construction (Barnstaple) Limited
  • James Gaisford - Commercial Director at NewCare (Devon) Ltd
    As Devon’s largest Domiciliary Care provider, we needed to ensure that we put our trust in a company that could deliver creatively, on budget and on time. Paul and the White Space team took time to understand our business and as a result, provided us with an enhanced brand identity, supported by a suite of intelligently designed marketing collateral. I would happily recommend them.  
    James Gaisford - Commercial Director, NewCare (Devon) Limited
  • John Cofie - Senior Partner at Chesamel Partners Ltd
    The Team at White Space Advertising were given a brief to develop the brand identity and build a website for our luxury experiences and lifestyle management brand. They interpreted the brief and challenged us with helpful questions and feedback that enabled us to refine our offering and online presence. They are pleasant and professional which is also refreshing. We think of White Space Advertising as partners in our business and will continue to work with them in the future.  
    John Cofie - Partner, Chesamel Partners Ltd
  • Katey McDonald from Marketing Angels
    White Space took time to get to know our business so that they understood our markets and the sensitivity of our clients. They knew right away what would work and were completely on the same page as us. They never fail to wow with inspirational campaigns and creativity in website and advertising materials. They have a friendly team who react quickly to our changing needs and their ongoing support is fantastic.  
    Katey Mcdonald - Founder, Marketing Angels
  • Steve Davey from Sea Change Marketing
    Paul is a highly creative designer and worked wonders on helping us with both an interactive presentation and promotional brochure for our client, a leading PR firm. Great creativity starts with both a challenging mind and breakthrough thinking and Paul always delivers on both counts.  
    Steve Davey & Trevor Mallon - SeaChange Marketing
  • virginia-venckus
    White Space Advertising were brilliant to work with. Paul took time to understand what we wanted and helped us bring the whole campaign together. The result for us met the brief and the deadline, and ticked all our boxes thanks to Paul and the team.  
    Virginia Venckus - Executive Director, St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation, Australia
  • andrew-leon-walker-rame-marketing
    The guys at White Space Advertising did a fantastic job creating my new site. Traffic's increased and the positive comments have been flowing in. They were great to work with, so I’d certainly recommend them.  
    Andy Walker - Founder, Rame Marketing