Combe Pafford School Sixth Form brochure design & print

24 Sep 2019
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Combe Pafford Torquay Specialist School Prospectus Design back cover

We helped Combe Pafford School’s Sixth Form with a brochure design & print to attract young people to their further education offering.

With our extensive knowledge in Print Design, we were approached by the well renowned Combe Pafford School to create a brochure to promote their Sixth Form further education offering. The school caters for children between the ages of 16 and 18, who would prefer to further their education in a specialist school. Combe Pafford School mainly teaches disabled, handicapped or impaired children and continues to cater for children from all around South Devon.

We used bold colours, logically laid out pages, a clear navigation, a slightly different size format and above all, a bold design to attract young people and make it stand out among the competition.

Each page was clearly laid out, using a bold colour scheme and strong device elements. The information contained on each page is clearly laid out, segmenting some elements, so that the user can quickly identify the most important information they require. Each of the courses is not only colour coded, but features a subject icon, to aid with the navigation of the brochure. The result is an attractive, well thought out, economical School Sixth Form Brochure, that appeals to the target audience. It has been well received with Combe Pafford school.

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