Ashgrove Kitchens Advertising video

24 Sep 2019
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We created an Ashgrove Kitchens Advertising video to help raise brand awareness.

Due to the work we had done for sub-division Essentially Ashgrove, Ashgrove Kitchens tasked us to create an eye-catching 10-second advertising video for the large display screen at Exeter Chiefs Rugby Ground in Exeter.

The advertising video needed to showcase the Ashgrove Kitchens quality products, along with a few key messages, combined with the company logo and a clear call to action. Due to the time constraints, Ashgrove Kitchens needed to ensure that people would be attracted to the advert and make it different to other adverts that might appear on the big screen. The advert would not feature any sound, so the messaging would need to be short and succinct.

The Ashgrove Kitchens logos appeared at the beginning and at the end of the advertising video, while the middle section featured a series of quality kitchen images interspersed with the key messages that we had identified. We used the web address as the main call to action, as we felt that this would be more memorable to the target audience. Due to the short length of the advertising video, we decided to reinforce the website address by ensuring it remained visible throughout the duration of the advert.

The advertising video not only acted as direct response advert and also enhanced brand awareness for Ashgrove Kitchens.

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