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24 Sep 2019
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Adopter QuickLink Child Adoption Portal Brand Design - Logo Design

We redesigned the Adopter Quicklink private portal & branding to help streamline the adoption process.

Families for Children Adoption charity took it upon themselves to request that a portal website is created which was a secure database that would feature approved adopters so that chosen personnel from each authority/charity could then access the required data. This would then enable that individual to match the child they have waiting to be adopted, with an approved adopter.

The website portal we created acts as a membership login. Only authorised personnel are allowed to access the site, and each can be given different access rights, ensuring only the most relevant information is seen.

A logo was created to represent the portal website. The logo motif created shows two human-like elements joined to represent not only the potential adopter being matched with a child waiting to be adopted, but also representing two authorities/charities combining for a single outcome.

The colours used in the logo were then utilised on the website design, and the same typestyle has been used throughout, ensuring the online environment looks corporate and familiar.

The site itself is simple to navigate, secure and contains the essential information required to provide a perfect match to adopters and adoptees.

Adopter QuickLink Child Adoption Portal Brand Design - Website design, build and hosting

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