Adopt South West Radio Advertising Campaign

27 Jan 2019
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Adopt South West Radio Advert production with Mother and Child

We created an Adopt South West Radio Advertising campaign to increase recruitment among prospective adopters.

Adopt South West child adoption agency is a regional partnership that brings together relevant departments from Somerset County Council, Plymouth City Council, Torbay Council, Devon County Council, Families for Children Adoption and Barnardo’s.

As part of the marketing strategy we presented to Adopt South West, we recommended a high-profile radio campaign to help raise the brand profile and recruit prospective adopters.

The advert would need to have an immediate appeal with a friendly tone, be informative and have a clear call to action. It would also need to recruit adopters willing to take on sibling groups, or children with additional needs, as these are the two key groups containing children waiting for the longest time to be adopted.

This project included us taking the lead on the concept, the script, sourcing voiceovers, booking a studio and art direction. We wrote the script with the intention of it being read out by an adopted child and their mother. The script still needed to be informative, but with an element of fun to keep it light-hearted, and finishing with a very clear call to action.

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